Super Hair Removal

Pain Free, Quick, Effective & Affordable 

Aqua Laser IPL uses technology that combines Laser and IPL suitable for light to dark skin. The SHR has “In Motion” that represents a breakthrough in permanent hair reduction with the light technology. The treatment is much more pleasant than the traditional IPL systems, being “Pain Free, Effective, Quick and Affordable” for hair that has Melanin (Pigment). Everyone likes to have smooth hair free skin without the hassle of painful frequent waxing, shaving and messy depilatory cream. Super Hair Removal system is the way to go.With No Gel’s required, this technology’s cooling system makes the treatment quite relaxed or as some clients say ” warm massage on the skin”. In motion ( Glide on the skin) SHR works by the light passing safely through the hair shaft targeting the melanin (pigment), its energy is absorbed by the hair follicle and the heat created weakens or destroys the follicle preventing further growth. In these destroyed follicles, Hair grows out (falls out) in between 3 to 21 days time. To speed up this process, shave every 3 to 4 days initially for the 1-2 weeks. Avoid any plucking, waxing or depilatory creams during the course of Laser IPL Hair Removal appointments.

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